Kakegurui: Episodes 1-2 (Review)

Kakegurui fans, rejoice! The high-intensity gambling manga has made its way to an animated format, and Mithrandiel eagerly reviews the opening episodes!

Manga Review: Kakegurui Chapters 22-27

After her successful battles against two student council members, has Yumeko finally met her match? Mithrandiel reviews Kakegurui chapters 22-27!

Manga Review: Kakegurui Chapters 17-21

Mithrandiel wagers it all on chapters 17-21 of the addictive series: Kakegurui!

Manga Review: Kakegurui Vols 2-3

Mithrandiel continues to go “gambling mad” as he reviews vols 2 and 3 of Kakegurui.

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