Keyleth, Pike and Scanlan attempt to fulfill their end of the quest to save Grog! RogueSymbiote reviews Vox Machina Origins Series II issue 5!

Critical Role Review: Dalen’s Closet One-Shot

Critical Role Review is back! Vox Machina finds something old, something new, something borrowed, and… a vampire. Dont miss this one-shot review!


Vox Machina returns for series II of their very own comic book series!!! RogueSymbiote reviews Vox Machina Origins series II issue 1!

Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 54

The Mighty Nein interrogate a spy, harass a lonely bugbear, and chase ghosts down a well. Don’t miss out on this week’s Critical Role Review!

Critical Role Review – Eps 51-52 & Search For Grog

Campaign 2: Episodes 51, 52 and The Search for Grog By: I.Am.No.Man Welcome back to Critical Role Review! We have so much catching up to do this week. Not only do we have two episodes of Campaign 2 to review, we also…

Thanks Vox Machina

Geekly Grind joins the discussion of the hashtag “ThanksVoxMachina“ on the one year anniversary of Vox Machina’s final adventure.

Critical Role Review: Campaign 1 The Final Arc

I.Am.No.Man. reviews the Final Arc of Critical Role Campaign 1. Revisit Vox Machina’s laughs, loves and conquests in the final few episodes.

Critical Role Review: Episodes 81 and 82

I.Am.No.Man continues the Vox Machina saga. There are dragons, magic playing cards,and a deadly dungeon crawl into the heart of a necromancer’s forgotten lair. Check it out in this week’s Critical Role Review.

Fandom Spotlight: Vox Machina – An Exandrian Musical by Cantata Pansophical

Mithrandiel gets the chance to interview Will Crosswait – one of the masterminds behind Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical. Take a peek behind the curtain of this fan-made labor of love!

Critical Role Review Episodes 79 & 80

Vox Machina face off against their most deadly enemies yet. Will they be able to take on not one, but two powerful ancient dragons? I.Am.No.Man reviews episodes 79 and 80 of Critical Role.

Critical Role Review: Episodes 75 & 76

I.Am.No.Man continues her adventure through season one of Critical Role, as the merry band finds themselves gambling with fire giants and battling pit fiends!

Critical Role Review: Episodes 73 & 74

I.Am.No.Man continues the Critical Role Review saga. What fresh hell will Vox Machina find themselves in this week? Hint: someone backstabs a dragon, then finds themselves in a literal fiery hell. I love DnD!

Critical Role Review Episode 71 & 72

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 71: Vorugal Summary: The conflict boils to an exciting climax in this episode when Vox Machina take on another Chroma Conclave ancient dragon. The adventurers assemble a rag-tag team of allies to aid in the battle and…

Critical Role Review Episodes 69 & 70

By: I.Am.No.Man. Episode 69: Passed through Fire Summary: Vox Machina return to Whitestone and attempt to resurrect the slain Percy. Events transpire that lead Vox Machina closer to the ultimate battle with the Chroma Conclave. Why to Watch: The acting…

Critical Role Review Episodes 67 & 68

Critical Role Review by I.Am.No.Man is finally back! Vox Machina race to hunt down their nemesis and recover a Vestige. How will they fare against the dangerous Ripley and her allies? Find out in this week’s review!

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