The Promised Neverland – Volume 5 (Review)

The children continue their daring plan to escape – and a horde of demons has rushed out to pursue them! Mithrandiel reviews The Promised Neverland, volume 5!

Executive Assistant Iris Volume 5, Issue 1 (Comic Book Review)

Iris is a deadly bodyguard for hire. But she won’t work for just anyone. Lowfat reviews Executive Assistant Iris by Aspen Comics.

Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 5 (Review)

Sparks fly and characters die in Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 5 as the ghouls and the CCG operatives prepare for another bloody battle!

RWBY Volume 5 Review

Zelyhon takes a look at RWBY Volume 5 with the benefit of some time and distance from the season as a whole to find out how well it holds up on its own and in the context of previous Volumes.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 5 (Manga Review)

Automaton vs Automaton Showdown! Who will prevail in the furious battle of the sisters? I.Am.No.Man reviews volume 5 in this epic manga, Clockwork Planet.


In the second episode, we spend time with Salem and her minions, Weiss’s dangerous flight to Mistral, and a meeting between White Fang leaders.

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