Crunchyroll Expo: Interview with Sean Schemmel

Archmage interviews talented french horn soloist Sean Schemmel at Crunchyroll Expo 2018!

Anime Expo 2018 Exclusive: Erica Lindbeck Interview

Our latest Anime Expo 2018 exclusive is the Erica Lindbeck interview! Mithrandiel sits down with Erica to see what the talented voice actress is up to!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Sandy Fox

EyeSpyeAlex continues her Anime Boston interview series with Sandy Fox – seasoned voice actress and entertainer!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Johnny Yong Bosch

Our Anime Boston Interview series is here! EyeSpyeAlex kicks things off with Johnny Yong Bosch as he discusses his voice acting career.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Erica Lindbeck

Mithrandiel chats with the talented Erica Lindbeck, who’s lent her voice to a wide swath of roles from anime to video games and beyond. Take a listen!

The Power of Text: Discussing Supergiant Games “Pyre” with Greg Kasavin

Mithrandiel interviews Greg Kasavin, creative director at Supergiant Games, regarding their upcoming title: Pyre.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Kate Oxley

Mithrandiel chats with Kate Oxley regarding her career as a voice actor. They also discuss her recent role as Akane Tsunemori in Psycho Pass.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Morgan Berry

Mithrandiel chats with Morgan Berry, the voice of young Ichirohiko in The Boy and The Beast!

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