THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games Unveil FORCE FURY in Darksiders III

Darksiders III is coming – and THQ Nordic has an exciting mechanic to announce! Hello Force Fury!

A Watercolor Wonderland: Taking A Closer Look At GRIS From Devolver Digital

Mithrandiel discusses Devolver Digital’s breathtaking platformer, GRIS, with designer Roger Mendoza.

Fanime AMV Contest 2018

Ever seen an anime music video (AMV)? Now’s a great time to start, as TheJewphin shares his thoughts on the Fanime AMV Contest 2018!

Kingdom-Con 2018: Highlights

Mithrandiel shares the general vibe of Kingdom-Con 2018: a fun little tabletop and board gaming convention hosted in San Diego!

Our First Board Game Video Review! “When I Dream” by Repos Games

Join Johnny and Weston in our first ever video review! “When I Dream” by Repos Games.

The Change That Launched 1,000 Ships: How The Crunchyroll Bitrate Fiasco Is Reviving The Piracy War

Mithrandiel takes a look at the PR fiasco currently plaguing Crunchyroll, and how it has inadvertently re-ignited an age old debate surrounding piracy.

Hey, Listen! – A Closer Look at the North American Conference on Video Game Music

Mithrandiel interviews William Gibbons from the North American Conference on Video Game Music about their conference and the industry at large.

Nier Automata: First Look (Video)

Mithrandiel takes a look at Nier Automata – the upcoming 3rd person action title from Square Enix and Platinum Games!

Hype Train Alert: Supergiant Games announces Pyre

Mithrandiel gets a little too excited about Supergiant Games new title: Pyre. Take a peek at what we know so far!

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