The Geekly Grind’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that magical time of year, and our Gift Guide is here to help you out when it comes to getting the perfect gift for the Geek in your life!

Mithical Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide

Mithrandiel and the rest of the Mithical team share their thoughts on the best gift ideas for the geek in your family in this 2017 holiday gift guide!

From the Web: Humans Need Not Apply

This week, Kirk examines the rapidly evolving field of AI through the lens of “Humans Need Not Apply” – a thought provoking short documentary.

Apple Event Recap – New Watch Bands, iPhone SE, 9.7 inch iPad Pro

Mithrandiel recaps the Apple Event, and some of the exciting new products announced (and not announced).

Opinion – “I Am Setsuna” Provides a glorious glimpse of the forthcoming JRPG revival

Today Mith geeks out over the recent announcement of “I Am Sestuna” – a title that blends classic JRPG elements with modern hardware to great effect. Is this the beginning of a new era of JRPG’s?

Review: Switch by iDevices

Today Kirk takes a look at “Switch”, a device that allows you to control any light, appliance or electronic device from anywhere.

CES 2016: From Iterative Improvements Come High Praise.

Kirk shares his thoughts on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Holiday Cheer and Our Tech Obsession

It’s that time of year, and Kirk is reflecting on how our obsession with tech plays into the spirit of gift-giving in the holiday season.

Tech Review: Steelseries Nimbus Controller

Apple’s latest TV boasts Apps, and specifically games, as a major drawing point. With the Steelseries Nimbus as its flagship companion, they’re off to a great start.

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