Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Cancels On-Site Event, Moves Online

Games Done Quick is moving its summer showcase online! Read on for more info!

Dr. Stone – Episode 3 (Review)

The battle for stone world is heating up, and Yuzuriha finally joins the party as Zelyhon reviews Dr. Stone, episode 3!

Crunchyroll Announces “Dr. STONE” for this Summer Simulcast Season

The insanely popular manga series, Dr. Stone, is coming to Crunchyroll this summer! Check out the press release for more info!

New Gameplay Trailer for Lego The Incredibles!

Awesome new gameplay trailer for Lego The Incredibles, coming this summer from Warner Bros!

Rick and Morty: Rickmancing the Stone (Review)

Rickmancing the Stone cleverly deals with Beth and Jerry’s divorce through thematic ties to post-apocalyptic worlds.

Aho Girl Episode 3 (Review)

Panties, dogs, and domestic bananas, oh my! EyeSpyeAlex tells us why this week’s episode of Aho Girl is full of excitement!

Aho Girl Episodes 1 – 2

EyeSpyeAlex reviews the first two episodes of what is sure to be one of the summer’s hottest and funniest anime: Aho Girl!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu – Episode 2 (Review)

The sword fighting action continues with episode 2 of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu!

Kakegurui: Episodes 1-2 (Review)

Kakegurui fans, rejoice! The high-intensity gambling manga has made its way to an animated format, and Mithrandiel eagerly reviews the opening episodes!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews episode 1 of the sword-slashing action series Katsugeki Touken Ranbu!

Berserk – Episode 4 (Review)

Mithrandiel battles through episode 4 of Berserk – how does one of the more hyped shows of the summer season stand up after a month?

Days – Episode 4 (Review)

AlanV reviews episode 4 of the soccer anime Days as we stay up to date on the summer 2016 anime season!

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