91 Days: Blu-Ray Set & Series Review

Rae gives a final series wrap-up review for summer’s mob-drama, 91 Days. How far will a man go for revenge, and what waits for him at the end of it all?

91 Days – Episode 12 (Review)

The Vannetti family is crumbling and Avilio’s cover is blown. Will Nero and Avilio survive the massacre? Rae reviews the series finale of 91 Days.

Re:Zero Seasons 1 and 2 (Review)

After 25 episodes of twists, turns, and a fair share of Subaru suffering…TheJewphin offers his overall review on the popular series – Re:Zero!

Re:Zero Episode 25: That’s All This Story Is About (Review)

TheJewphin reviews the season finale of Re:Zero. Does Subaru die terribly in a fire or does he get his fairy tale ending? The answer may surprise you!

Days – Episode 12 (Review)

Soccer series Days turns the feels up to 11 – Alan shares his thoughts.

91 Days – Episode 10 (Review)

Avilio and Corteo are granted a brief reprieve from the dark dramas of the mafia, but can the peace last? Rae reviews episode 10 of 91 Days

Days – Episode 11 (Review)

Alan reviews the latest episode of the soccer series, Days!

Re:Zero Episode 24: The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight (Review)

The Jewphin questions whether an omniscient version of Subaru is an improvement from an irritatingly stupid version of Subaru.

91 Days – Episode 9 (Review)

Corteo’s cover is blown, the family is facing huge changes, and Avilio finally finds some answers. Rae’s review of this week’s episode of 91 Days.

Re:Zero – Episode 23: Nefarious Sloth (Review)

Betelguese’s companions are turned into finger food in a new episode of Re:Zero.

Days – Episode 10 (Review)

Alan reviews Days – episode 10!

91 Days – Episode 8 (Review)

A new Bureau of Prohibition head is in town, and ready to stop the mafia. Meanwhile, Fango’s truce with Nero is over. Rae’s review of this week’s 91 Days!

D.Gray-man Hallow: Episode 8 Review

TheJewphin reviews episode 8 of D.Gray-Man Hallow, and marvels at the supersonic speed with which it covers important plot-points.

Days – Episode 9 (Review)

Alan reviews Days, episode 9!

91 Days – Episode 7.5 (Review)

Need a refresher for 91 Days? Or is it too early? Rae reviews this week’s episode – a series-so-far recap that takes us from 1 through 7.

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