Megalo Box – Episode 5 (Review)

Things take a turn for the serious in the most recent episode of Megalo Box as Joe prepares for his bout against a ghost from Nanbu’s past. Will the scrappy underdog continue his winning streak? Or has he finally flown too close to the sun?

“Don’t Take This Risk” Serves As A Harrowing Simulation of Tragedy

Goose reviews visual novel/game “Don’t Take This Risk” – which covers sensitive topics like depression and suicide in a striking manner.

Orange – Blu Ray & Series Review

With the recent release of the Blu-Ray set, Mithrandiel re-visits the unique teen drama that is Orange.

Orange – Episode 7 (Review)

Progressing relationships and a climactic confrontation mark this week’s episode of Orange. See what Mith has to say about it!

Orange – Episode 6 (Review)

The plot thickens and the drama heightens in this week’s episode of Orange! See what Mithrandiel has to say about the recent revelations!

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