PAX South Spotlight: Streets of Rage 4

Peeziest gets retro with Streets of Rage 4, the next member in the beloved franchise. Featuring classic gameplay with some new twists.

Streets of Rage 4 Platforms & New Character Revealed in Brand New Neon-Soaked Gamescom Trailer

The latest Streets of Rage 4 trailer debuted at Gamescom introduces Cherry Hunter, a fast and deadly guitar wielder!

PAX West Spotlight: Dotemu/The Arcade Crew

Mithrandiel and TheJewphin check out 3 upcoming titles from Dotemu and The Arcade Crew: Streets of Rage 4, Young Souls, and Windjammers 2!

Beloved Beat-Em-Up Series Returns with Streets of Rage 4, Relentless Beatdowns Imminent

In a surprise announcement, DotEmu has reignited the Streets of Rage franchise! Read on for more info on Streets of Rage 4!

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