Darling in the FRANXX – Episode 22 (Review)

After last week’s harrowing conclusion, what fate awaits the members of Squad 13? Check out Mithrandiel’s review of Darling in the FRANXX episode 22!

Gaia Project Board Game Review

Join Illusion in intergallactic exploration as he plays “Gaia Project”!

Thunder Plays: The Station

Thunderheavyarm reviews The Station, an interesting game of exploration and expansion. Check it out!

Splendor Board Game Review Including Cities of Splendor Expansion!

Join Illusion and enjoy the Renaissance in Splendor and new expansion Cities of Splendor from Space Cowboy games!

Thunder plays – Osiris: New Dawn

What happens when humanity realizes the secret of going fast in space? They realize that they should develop brakes as well. Check out Osiris: New Dawn!

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