The Pokémon Company International Reveals New Animation Trailer and Details for Pokémon Journeys: The Series

A new Pokemon series is upon us! Check out the latest trailer for Pokemon Journeys, and see what adventures Ash Ketchum has to look foward to!


Looking for more Blade Runner in your life? Adult Swim and Crunchyroll are here to save the day!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Will Be Launching Onto Netflix in Spring 2019

One of the most iconic anime of all time is finally entering the world of streaming services – Neon Genesis Evangelion arrives Spring 2019!

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Episodes 1-2 (Review)

Double Decker! – a world where a pervasive new drug grants users superhuman powers & mutations, and an unlikely pair of cops look to make a difference.

My Hero Academia Explodes onto the Toonami Block Starting 5/5!

My Hero Academia is coming to Toonami! PLUS ULTRA!

Yuri!!! On Ice – The Complete Series (Review)

The highly anticipated box set for Yuri!!! On Ice is finally available for purchase! Thanks to our friends at Funimation, EyeSpyeAlex was able to review the coveted limited edition boxset.

My Hime/My-Otome/My-Otome Zwei Triple Threat! (Blu-Ray Review)

Mithrandiel reviews an armful of My Hime series, including the original series, My Otome, and the My Otome: Zwei OVA – all recently re-released by Funimation!

Review: Record of Lodoss War OVA Blu-ray/DVD + Chronicles of the Heroic Knight

Zero Omega reviews the recent re-release of Record of Lodoss War: a quintessential anime series that provides a standard for high fantasy anime.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Review)

One of Mithrandiel’s highly anticipated titles of the year, Ys VIII, has arrived! See how the latest adventure of Adol and Dogi plays out!

Mob Psycho 100 – Series Review

Mob Psycho 100 ends its first season with a bang – see what Mithrandiel thought of the show!

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