Castlevania Season 3 [Review]

By: Mithrandiel In the interest of brevity, and also to make sure that anyone who hasn’t watched the latest season of Castlevania rushes out to do so – here is my brief, spoiler-free take: Season 3 of Castlevania manages to…

Attack on Titan – Season 3, Part 1 Limited Edition Blu Ray Set [Review]

Attack on Titan Season 3 is here! Mithrandiel reviews the limited edition set of Part 1 from Funimation! @Funimation #attackontitan #boxset #review

My Hero Academia – Episode 63 (Review)

The Big Three are here! AlanV reviews the final episode of My Hero Academia – season 3!

Overlord – Season 3 Episode 7 (Review)

The Workers have arrived at Nazarick. Archmage takes a look at the latest episode of Overlord.

Food Wars: The Third Plate – Episode 13 (Review)

The Spring 2018 anime season continues as Mithrandiel reviews the return of Food Wars The Third Plate!

My Hero Academia – Episode 39 (Review)

My Hero Academia returns with some summer-time shenanigans and a recap of the previous seasons’ events.

D. Gray-Man Season 3, Part 1 (Review)

ThunderHeavyArm reviews D. Gray-Man Season 3, Part 1 – the latest installation of the series released by Funimation!

RWBY Volumes 1-3: Beacon Steelbook Review

Scarlette reviews the steelbook collection of RWBY seasons 1-3 from Rooster Teeth!

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