Goblin Slayer – Season 1 Limited Edition Boxset (Review)

Time to slay some goblins! Mithrandiel reviews the limited edition first season release of Goblin Slayer from Funimation!

How They Want To Do This – A Look At The Critical Role Fanart Phenomenon

Mithrandiel interviews a handful of fan artists about the beloved D&D web series: Critical Role!

Castlevania (Review)

In honor of the upcoming 2nd season, Mithrandiel revisits his review of the wonderfully animated adaptation of the classic Castlevania franchise!

Grimgar – Ashes & Illusions Season 1 (Boxset review)

Mithrandiel reviews Funimation’s recent blu-ray release of Grimgar – Ashes & Illusions.

RWBY Volumes 1-3: Beacon Steelbook Review

Scarlette reviews the steelbook collection of RWBY seasons 1-3 from Rooster Teeth!

Re:Zero Seasons 1 and 2 (Review)

After 25 episodes of twists, turns, and a fair share of Subaru suffering…TheJewphin offers his overall review on the popular series – Re:Zero!

Assassination Classroom Season 1, Part 2 DVD/BR Review

ZeroOmega reviews the blu-ray release of Assassination Classroom Season 1, part 2!

Sekirei, Sekirei Box Set Review

Next on the chopping clock is Funimation’s new Sekirei series blu-ray box set! Are the bouncing boobs worth the price? Kayla The Rivera analyzes the set to find out!

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