By: RogueSymbiote Don Aguillo is a name you will want to familiarize yourself with in the world of comics. As a writer, artist, creator and co-founder of independent publisher In Hiatus Studios, Don is constantly working to perfect his craft…

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 2

Mithrandiel attends a panel with Dan Slott, visits one of his favorite comic artists, and gets a sneak peek at Dragon Ball’s latest film! It’s SDCC Day 2!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 1

Mithrandiel recounts his first full day back at SDCC since 2019! (Spoiler alert – it’s great to be back!)

Comic-Con Returns to San Diego! A Weekend At SDCC Special Edition

Mithrandiel’s spent the weekend at SDCC Special Edition – check out his thoughts here!

[email protected]: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Future Is Now Panel

RogueSymbiote continues his SDCC at Home coverage with the Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Future Is Now Panel!

[email protected]: New Mutants Panel

[email protected] is here! Check out the New Mutants panel to meet the cast, director and a look at the film’s opening scene!

Critical Role Review: C2 Episodes 70 & 71

I.Am.No.Man reviews two episodes of Critical Role. Jester plans a party, Nott tries motherhood, and Caduceus looks for family. It’s Critical Role Review!

The Geekly Grind @ San Diego Comic Con 2019!

Mithrandiel will be attending San Diego Comic Con this weekend, and he’s got quite the schedule lined up already!

Critical Role C2 Episode 69

Episode 69 is finally here, though it was not the action we thought we’d get. Nott screams, Beau sweats, the Laughing Hand laughs, and Yasha loses her mind.

SDCC 2018: How I Introduced My Wife To Convention Culture

Mithrandiel got the chance to bring his wife along for the ride at SDCC 2018! He shares his thoughts on how the massive convention is great for first timers!

Shin Godzilla (Review)

In an attempt to revive the iconic giant monster franchise, can Shin Godzilla succeed where so many others have failed? Find out what Mith has to say!

EVENT ALERT: Avant Garde Costume Gala at SD Comic-Con

Party like a Geeky Rockstar at the Avant Garde Costume Gala during SD Comic-Con. No badge is required, but tickets must be purchased.

San Diego Comic Con 2016 Gallery

Scarlette shares her favorite shots from San Diego Comic Con 2016!

San Diego Comic Con: The Good Recap

Scarlette looks back at this years San Diego Comic Con to reflect on what went well – including the heavy-hitting DC movie lineup!

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