Manga Review: Assassination Classroom Vol. 8

In Vol. 8 of Assassination Classroom, the students race against time to recover the antidote to a mysterious illness that threatens to kill their classmates.

Anime Review – Overlord

VeteranCroagunk shares his thoughts on the anime series “Overlord”. Check it out!

Anime Review – Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

Today Mithrandiel takes a look at the LONG awaited film – Eva 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo.

Video Game Review- Final Fantasy Explorers

VeteranCroagunk finds a new job in Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS!

Video Game Review – Nom Nom Galaxy

Scarlette makes space soup! Check out her latest review on Nom Nom Galaxy

Video Game Review – The Witness

A beautiful and engaging puzzler, The Witness draws you into its rich and vibrant world and refuses to let you go until you overcome its numerous riddles.

Anime First Look – Erased

With a fantastic opening episode, Erased is an intelligent and haunting series that is easily one of the best shows this season.

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vols. 1-2

Mithrandiel takes a look at “My Hero Academia”, a highly popular manga title that is looking to shake things up with its forthcoming anime adaptation.

Anime First Look – Divine Gate

You ever wonder what kind of show you would get if you let an angsty middle schooler take the helm? Divine Gate does us the courtesy of answering that question.

Anime First Look – GATE Season 2

Opening with a much darker tone than last season, GATE is promising a return to more of the canonical storylines that make the light novel so intriguing.

Video Game Review: Trine 3

While Trine 3 continues the legacy of gorgeously designed stages and well-balanced action and puzzle elements, the simplification of the gameplay coupled with a disappointingly short play-time withhold it from greatness.

Movie Review: Spectre

Though Spectre delivers an entertaining and thoroughly characteristic Bond experience, its familiarity and predictability hamstring its potential.

Tech Review: Steelseries Nimbus Controller

Apple’s latest TV boasts Apps, and specifically games, as a major drawing point. With the Steelseries Nimbus as its flagship companion, they’re off to a great start.

Destiny: The Taken King Review

The Taken King is more than just an expansion; it’s also a heart transplant. And with its wounds sewn shut, the anesthetic wearing off, and the scalpels put away to dry, Destiny has pulled through the operation with renewed vigor…

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review

As I made my way across Westminster, zipping between rooftops with my rope launcher, a notice popped up indicating I was approaching a bounty hunt. The objective was simple–kill an important member of my rival gang–and I decided the children…

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