Blu Ray Review: LoveLive! Second Season

Scarlette reviews the pop-idol anime series: LoveLive!

Blu-Ray Review: Garo (The Animation) – Season One, Part One

Mithrandiel braves the flames of Garo (The Animation) and reviews the recently released blu-ray set of Season One, Part One (eps 1-12)

Manga Review: Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Vol 1

Part Food Wars, part No Game No Life, Mithrandiel dives into the world of Kakegurui – where only the best gamblers win! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Manga Review: Persona Q: P4 Side, Volume 1

Welcome back to Inaba, with all our favourite Persona 4 characters, in trouble again! Rae reviews Persona Q: P4 Side, Volume 1.

Anime Review: The Empire of Corpses

TheJewphin reviews the latest work from the studio behind Attack on Titan: The Empire of Corpses.

Manga Review: Dimension W, Volume 1

In the not-so-far off future, the world is powered by the monopolization of a new energy and filled with mysteries. Rae reviews volume 1 of Dimension W.

Video Game Review: Dark Souls 3

Mithrandiel traverses the fog to review Dark Souls 3 – with faster combat, is it the shift towards Bloodborne that he hopes it will be? Find out!

Batman Vs Superman Vs The World! – A Discussion

Mithrandiel and ALuckyBum discuss the weaknesses in DC’s recent blockbuster – Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Manga Review: School Judgment, Volume 2

A little more mystery, a few new rivals, and Pine-chan’s dad?! Rae reviews volume 2 of School Judgment.

Anime First Look: Spring 2016 series with Mithrandiel, Archmage & Scarlette

Mithrandiel, Archmage and Scarlette chat about the Spring 2016 anime season, and pick out their favorites.

Manga Review: Food Wars Vol. 11

Featuring two thrilling Shokugeki matches, volume 11 of Food Wars turns up the heat as the Semifinals build up to a climactic ending!

Manga Review: Assassination Classroom Vol. 9

Nagisa displays his skill, Koro-Sensei tries to play matchmaker and more…Mithrandiel reviews the latest volume of Assassination Classroom!

Mithical First Hour: FFXV Platinum Demo

Archmage adventures through the newly released FFXV Platinum Demo, getting to take a good look at the graphics and mechanics that are sure to await him in FFXV when it arrives on September 30th.

The Jewphin Rants About…Review Scores

TheJewphin is here to tell you that your favorite game sucks, and that all the reviewers who gave it a good score also suck.

Video Game Review: Stikbold!

Mithrandiel, ZeroOmega, Archmage and Zelyhon have a dodge-battle in Stikbold, a zany and fun party game for all ages!

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