New Game! – Episodes 1 & 2 (Review)

A light-hearted slice-of-life series, New Game! highlights the dream of many; working for a popular game company on their latest high profile title!

Orange – Episode 2 (Review)

More is revealed in week 2 of the slice-of-life drama, Orange. How do Naho and the gang hold up? Mithrandiel reviews episode 2.

Manga Review: Persona Q: P4 Side, volume 2

Rae rejoins the casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4 – this time for a labyrinth centered group date?! Check out her review of volume 2 of Persona Q: P4 Side.

Re:Zero – Episode 15 (Review)

TheJewphin tries to wrap his head around the madness of Re:Zero, episode 15 in today’s weekly recap of the series.

Days – Episode 2 (Review)

AlanV returns to the soccer field with episode 2 of Days – how does the series hold up in week 2?

91 Days – Episode 1 (Review)

In a Prohibition-era, mafia-run city, a young man plans to avenge his family. Rae’s review of the first episode of the new anime, 91 Days.

Blu Ray Set Review: Seraph of the End

Scarlette sinks her teeth into the Seraph of the End blu ray box set. Enjoy!

Orange – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel gets his dose of slice-of-life anime as he reviews the debut episode of Orange – will this time-traveling coming of age series hit the mark?

Re:Zero – Episodes 13/14 (Review)

TheJewphin returns properly with a rant/review of the latest episodes of Re:Zero – what does he think of Subaru’s recent behavior?

Fairy Tail Box Set [Part 20] (Review)

KaylaTheRivera checks out this new Fairytail boxset–and pulls no punches in her criticism. This may just be the most confusing box set ever.

Food Wars! The Second Plate – Episode 1 (Review)

Zelyhon reviews Food Wars! The Second Plate Episode 1 and tries not to drool all over his keyboard over the dishes presented in this season’s opener.

Full Mojo Rampage Review

Alan takes a look at “Full Mojo Rampage” by Nicalis games!

Anime Expo: The Premier Experience (Part 3) – It’s Go Time

Mithrandiel arrives at AX 2016 and begins documenting his premier fan experience!

Anime Podcast: Spring Season 2016 Wrap-Up

Archmage, Mithrandiel and Scarlette discuss the spring season 2016 anime lineup: shows they loved, hated, and everything in between.

Manga Review: Not Lives, Volume 2

Mikami’s experience with Not Alive is heating up – and getting deadly. Games are supposed to be fun… aren’t they? Rae reviews volume 2 of Not Lives.

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