Order Up!: Escape Simulator

Like puzzles, and fun adventures with friends? Escape Simulator is a virtual escape room perfect for long-distance game nights.

Order Up!: Growbot

Rae checks out Growbot – a soft, magical point and click with incredible environments, but a lack of story and sometimes frustrating puzzles.

PAX East Spotlight: Helheim Hassle

Putting a bow on our PAX East spotlight with an intriguing puzzle game that involves…body parts? Helheim Hassle is on the docket – take a look!

PAX South Spotlight: Bill Hates Videogames

Bill hates the videogames, but we love them! Peeziest gets an early look at Bill Hates Videogames, and shares his thoughts on the experience.

Order Up!: Puzzle With Your Friends

Looking for a relaxing way to spend an evening? Brew up some coffee and settle down to Puzzle With Your Friends – a solo or co-op jigsaw puzzle game.

#loveindies Day 11: Little Briar Rose (Elf Games)

For the second to last day of #loveindies, Rae tries out an award-winning, charming little game featuring a stained glass aesthetic and fairytale theme.

#loveindies Day 10: GRIS (Nomada Studio)

Rae explores GRIS – an interactive art piece that boasts stunning graphics, lovely music, and a smooth, cathartic mechanics.

PAX East Spotlight – Projection

Projection is a 2D shadow-puzzle platformer, where shadows are physical platforms. The puzzles in the game focus around the idea of moving a light so that it casts shadows. Depending on where the shadows are, they can be used to…

PAX East Spotlight – Negative World

Negative World is a puzzle platformer, with a retro inspired visuals style. What makes Negative World stick out from the pack, is that jumps are a limited resource. Each level allows for a certain number of jumps. Players will have…

PAX East Spotlight – Keen

Keen is a sliding puzzle game feature combat elements. You play a character that slides across the room, while enemies move a single space at a time. The player has no way to end their movement early, except by running…

PAX South Spotlight – Tesser Active

Peeziest interviews developer Garrett Bacak regarding Tesser Active – a puzzling platformer that features teleportation as a central theme. Check it out!

Modus Games to Publish Sketchbook Games’ Award-Winning Lost Words: Beyond the Page

The beautiful and unique Lost Words: Beyond The Page is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One thanks to Modus Games. Read on for more info!

ECCC 2018 COVERAGE – Digital Future Labs intros ‘Seed’ as a Cute-Critter Booster

v.o.lynn interviews Derek DeLizo from Digital Future labs regarding their upcoming puzzle title: Seed!

Hue (Review)

Ever a sucker for puzzle games, Mithrandiel reviews Hue – a carnival of color that requires a fair amount of brain power.

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