Slowpoke Saturday: Control [Review]

Mithrandiel finally gets around to reviewing Control – a superb 3rd person action title from Remedy Games. Check it out!

Order Up!: Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- is out on PS4

Looking for something spooky to play? Try out Tokyo Dark – a creepy horror mystery set in modern-day Japan. Out now for Playstation 4!

Jedi: Fallen Order [Review]

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on Jedi: Fallen Order – a Force-filled romp that delivers one of the best Star Wars experiences in recent memory.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus to Include “RPG Mode” in Highly Anticipated PlayStation®4 Fighting Game

Love Granblue Fantasy Versus, but not sure if the fighting game lines up with your usual interests? Check out this press release for more info on its RPG mode!

Spider-Man (Review)

Gentleman Jeb shares his thoughts on one of the biggest PS4 hits of the year: Marvel’s Spider Man!

Grinding Gear Games Announces Path of Exile for PlayStation 4

In the wake of the controversial Diablo Immortal announcement, Grinding Gear Games announced that their ARPG, Path of Exile, is coming to PS4!

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Now Challenging Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Looking for a challenging, souls-inspired boss-battler with a twist? Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is out now on consoles!

Steins;Gate Elite – Limited Edition Announced

Spike Chunsoft officially announced the upcoming limited edition release of Steins;Gate Elite! Check it out!


For Kingdom Hearts fans who have been out of the loop for the last 10+ years, Square Enix is providing us the means of playing some serious catch-up. Check it out!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Review)

Gentleman Jeb shares his thoughts on Lara Croft’s latest adventure – Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

Celebrating 500 Million: The Geekly Grind Calls Out Playstation’s Greatest Hits

Mithrandiel and the team pick out some of their favorite PlayStation games from the last 24 years in celebration of the recent 500 million unit milestone.

Chasm (Review)

A game that attempts to put the “-vania” back in “Metroidvania”, Chasm offers a retro look and engaging gameplay, but is it enough to make up for a 5 year wait?

20XX (Review)

New contributor Peeziest shares his thoughts on the console release of 20XX – a game that pulls more than a few pages from the Mega Man playbook!

E3 Podcast – Part 2

Mithrandiel and the team get together to wrap up their E3 podcast. This time, we discuss Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo’s conferences.

20XX Blasts to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 on July 10, Xbox One on July 11

Mega Man inspired title 20XX will be bringing its frantic platforming action to consoles this July! Read on for more info!

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