Overlord II – Episode 13

Hailestorm reviews the conclusion of Overlord II!

Overlord II – Episode 12

The finale of Overlord II is rapidly approaching, and Hailestorm is here to review episode 12!

Overlord II – Episode 10

From an exciting action-packed episode to a slow one, this is to be expected. Have no fear though, the story is rich and sets up what looks to be exciting episodes to come. Most of all we learn the fate of Sebas and Tsuare!

Overlord II – Episode 9

You don’t have to worry about pacing or action in this episode! It has everything! Plot development, great story and ending you won’t see coming! The trio of Sebas, Climb and Brain is a fun one to watch. The 8 fingers organization is in a bit of surprise in this episode!

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