#loveindies Day 12: Super Cloubuilt (Double Eleven; Coilworks)

Rae tries out an indie recommendation – a beautiful parkour platformer with a high learning curve, stunning OST, and some incredible controls.

#loveindies Day 10: GRIS (Nomada Studio)

Rae explores GRIS – an interactive art piece that boasts stunning graphics, lovely music, and a smooth, cathartic mechanics.

#loveindies Day 1: Momodora (Bombservice)

Check out Rae’s #loveindies series, starting with Bombservice’s creepy, charming platformer, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight!

PAX East Spotlight – Negative World

Negative World is a puzzle platformer, with a retro inspired visuals style. What makes Negative World stick out from the pack, is that jumps are a limited resource. Each level allows for a certain number of jumps. Players will have…

PAX South Spotlight – Tesser Active

Peeziest interviews developer Garrett Bacak regarding Tesser Active – a puzzling platformer that features teleportation as a central theme. Check it out!

Pizza Titan Ultra (Review)

It turns out that placing a pizzeria in the chest of a giant robot was a good idea after all. Join Peeziest as he taks a closer look at Pizza Titan Ultra.

Pax West Spotlight: Gris

TheJewphin takes a look at Devolver Digital’s gorgeous upcoming title: Gris!

Action Platformer 20XX Jumps To Consoles

20XX, the-high octane platformer from Batterystaple games inspired by Mega Man, is out on consoles now! Read on for more info!

Light Fall (Review)

Goose reviews the recently released platformer: Light Fall!

Prepare for Light Fall!

Light Fall, a unique and visually arresting platformer, is coming soon! Check out the press release from Bishop Games for more info!

A Hat in Time: Review (PS4)

Ever wanted to take down the Mafia while wearing a witch’s hat? Or star in a train murder mystery? Then A Hat in Time is the 3D platformer for you!

PAX West Spotlight: Celeste

Mithrandiel interviews Noel from Matt Makes Games regarding their latest title: a mind-crushingly difficult platformer called Celeste!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Review)

EyeSyeAlex makes her way through the remake of the classic platformer Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, out now on Playstation 4!

Game Review: Talent Not Included

Scarlette reviews the indie platformer Talent Not Included by Firma Studios!

Video Game Review: Salt and Sanctuary

You will die. A lot. But holy crap will you have a lot of fun in the meantime.

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