PAX East 2022 Spotlight: Below the Stone

Mithrandiel goes digging with one of his favorites from PAX East 2022: Below the Stone!

PAX East 2022: Day 1

Mithrandiel chronicles his first day at PAX East 2022!

PAX East 2022 Spotlight: Elevating Your Virtual Tabletop Experience with Alchemy RPG

Mithrandiel dives into an engaging virtual tabletop world with Alchemy RPG – a new tool designed to elevate your virtual sessions!

PAX EAST Spotlight: Spin Rhythm XD

Feel the rhythm! Peeziest definitely is in our latest PAX East spotlight on Spin Rhythm! Take a look!

PAX East Spotlight: Summoners Fate

The Geekly Grind is at PAX East all weekend – kicking things off with our look at Summoners Fate! Check it out!


The PAX East Indie Megabooth lineup is here! Take a look!

PAX East Spotlight – Vambrace – Cold Soul

Vambrace – Cold Soul is a turn-based RPG with roguelike elements. Similar in look to Darkest Dungeon, the game takes place across seven chapters, each chapter featuring a dungeon delving expedition. Players can assemble a party of adventurers from 10…

PAX East Spotlight – The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is a first person narrative exploration game. The player is trapped with 26 other explorers in an ancient roman city. You know that all of the other explorers will die at the end of the day, but…

PAX East Spotlight – Terrorarium

Terrorarium is a real-time strategy game where you develop an army of mushroom creatures called Moogu, and use them to solve puzzles. You play as a space-gardener-grandma, running around a Murder Garden, solving puzzles. Spoilers: many problems can be solved…

PAX East Spotlight – Telefrag VR

Telefrag VR is a fast-paced First Person Arena VR shooter, featuring cross-platform play. Movement consists of short-ranged dashes with the left stick. Turning happens with the right stick, but since we’re in VR, you can also turn your head. The…

PAX East Spotlight – Speaking Simulator

Speaking Simulator follows a robot that is attempting to blend into human society by successfully completing conversations. Described as a “FPS for speaking”, the player moves the tongue with the WASD keys, in an attempt to have the tongue press…

PAX East Spotlight – Projection

Projection is a 2D shadow-puzzle platformer, where shadows are physical platforms. The puzzles in the game focus around the idea of moving a light so that it casts shadows. Depending on where the shadows are, they can be used to…

PAX East Spotlight – Negative World

Negative World is a puzzle platformer, with a retro inspired visuals style. What makes Negative World stick out from the pack, is that jumps are a limited resource. Each level allows for a certain number of jumps. Players will have…

PAX East Spotlight – Keen

Keen is a sliding puzzle game feature combat elements. You play a character that slides across the room, while enemies move a single space at a time. The player has no way to end their movement early, except by running…

PAX East Spotlight – Hyperspace Delivery Service

Hyperspace Delivery Service is a space resource management game. Similar in concept to the Oregon trail, the player must lead a crew across the galaxy to deliver cargo. Resources such as food and fuel are consumed along the way, so…

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