Lord Ainz Ooal Gown returns to spread his power across the land with the help of some enthusiastic underlings. RogueSymbiote reviews Overlord Season 3!

Overlord – Season 3 Episode 7 (Review)

The Workers have arrived at Nazarick. Archmage takes a look at the latest episode of Overlord.

Overlord II – Episode 9

You don’t have to worry about pacing or action in this episode! It has everything! Plot development, great story and ending you won’t see coming! The trio of Sebas, Climb and Brain is a fun one to watch. The 8 fingers organization is in a bit of surprise in this episode!

Overlord II – Episode 7

When money makes the world go ’round, what happens when the esteemed Ainz Ooal Gown is broke? HaileStorm finds out as he reviews the latest episode of Overlord II!

Overlord Season 2 – Episode 3 (Review)

This was a pretty straightforward episode. On the bright side, it was definitely an improvement over last weeks Overlord episode. That said, this season still struggles to find its identity. In doing so we are left with another not fully baked third episode.

Overlord Season 2 – Episode 2 (Review)

Think the second episode of Overlord II will be a payoff from the slow start that was episode one? Think again! Just when you thought the series couldn’t come to more of a standstill… Then it one-ups episode one in all the wrong places!

Anime Review – Overlord

VeteranCroagunk shares his thoughts on the anime series “Overlord”. Check it out!

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