Orange – Blu Ray & Series Review

With the recent release of the Blu-Ray set, Mithrandiel re-visits the unique teen drama that is Orange.

Orange – Episodes 8-9 (Review)

Someone has abducted the excellent slice-of-life series Mithrandiel was enjoying and swapped it with an ugly impostor! This week he reviews Orange eps 8-9!

Orange – Episode 7 (Review)

Progressing relationships and a climactic confrontation mark this week’s episode of Orange. See what Mith has to say about it!

Summer 2016 Mid-Season Check-in! [Podcast]

Mithrandiel, Archmage and Scarlette discuss the summer 2016 anime season. Enjoy!

Orange – Episode 6 (Review)

The plot thickens and the drama heightens in this week’s episode of Orange! See what Mithrandiel has to say about the recent revelations!

Orange – Episodes 3, 4, 5 (Review)

Mith continues to play catch-up after his vacation – what’s happened in the last couple weeks on the slice-of-life drama, Orange?

Summer 2016 Anime: What is Archmage still watching?

With so many great shows out this season, what’s Archmage still watching in the summer 2016 anime season? Find out here!

Orange – Episode 2 (Review)

More is revealed in week 2 of the slice-of-life drama, Orange. How do Naho and the gang hold up? Mithrandiel reviews episode 2.

Orange – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel gets his dose of slice-of-life anime as he reviews the debut episode of Orange – will this time-traveling coming of age series hit the mark?

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