Critical Role Review: NYCC Panel

By: I.Am.No.Man. The Legend of Vox Machina Table Read, Teaser, and Release Date If you weren’t able to catch the NYCC’s virtual Critical Role panel live, don’t worry! While the video is only available to NYCC ticket holders and ReedPop…

“Where Is Everybody?” – A Reflection On NYCC’s Anime Fest

Running alongside NYCC this year was Anime Fest – an offsite anime convention that has invited a lot of criticism for its lackluster design and execution.

Critical Role Review: Campaign 2 Episode 37

The Mighty Nein adjust to pirate life. Fjord makes a surprising connection. Caleb becomes a voyeur, and Jester furiously draws.

NYCC 2018 Exclusive – The Minds Behind The Dragon Prince (Interview)

Archmage sits down with the creative minds behind Netflix’s The Dragon Prince at NYCC 2018!

NYCC 2018 Exclusive: Tony Valente Interview

Mithrandiel sits down with creator of the Radiant manga series, Tony Valente at NYCC 2018!

NYCC 2018 Exclusive: Harold Sakuishi Interview

Harold Sakuishi, creator of the classic rock band manga series Beck, sits down with Mithrandiel to discuss the industry, and what motivates him.

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