“Food Fantasy,” Ludicrous Anthropomorphic Food Simulation RPG, Available NOW on App Store and Google Play!

Leading mobile game developer ELEX is excitedto announce the release of Food Fantasy, a sarcastic, style-mixing, free-to-play food insanity adventure game!

Important News for Critical Role

Critcal Role reveals some exiting new things coming our way. Check out their announcement video detailing the new channels, set, and store coming now to Twitch and YouTube.

Explore the New Valencia Region in Black Desert Online SEA

A new region is coming to Black Desert Online! Read on for more info!

The Promised Neverland is Getting an Anime!

The Promised Neverland is getting an anime adaptation! Huzzah!

My Hero Academia Explodes onto the Toonami Block Starting 5/5!

My Hero Academia is coming to Toonami! PLUS ULTRA!

Remaining Six Playable Classes Awakened in Black Desert Online SEA

6 new classes are making their way onto Black Desert Online! Check out this press release for some more info!

Prepare for Light Fall!

Light Fall, a unique and visually arresting platformer, is coming soon! Check out the press release from Bishop Games for more info!

Dark Souls Remastered Postponed Until Summer

Bandai Namco brings some unfortunate news to eager fans awaiting the Dark Souls Remastered title on Nintendo Switch…

Mithical Entertainment’s Best of 2017

Mithrandiel and the Mithical Entertainment staff spotlight the Best of 2017 in this year-end wrap up article.

Coming in 2018: Mithical Entertainment is becoming The Geekly Grind!

Mithrandiel discusses the next phase of Mithical Entertainment – starting with the renaming of the main site to The Geekly Grind!

Press Release: Section23 Announces Titles Coming in December

Cross Ange, Familiar of Zero and more – Section23 announces their December releases in their latest press release!

Aksys News Announcements

Thunderheavyarm recaps the Aksys panel from Anime Expo 2017, as well as important news and announcements!

Apple Event Recap – New Watch Bands, iPhone SE, 9.7 inch iPad Pro

Mithrandiel recaps the Apple Event, and some of the exciting new products announced (and not announced).

Insult, Meet Injury – Shanghai Major Woes Continue

Just when we thought the Shanghai Major couldn’t get any worse – they get one last kick in as the teams get ready to leave.

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