Legendary Over-the-Top Action Series Returns with Devil May Cry®

One of the more surprising announcements at the Microsoft E3 conference had to do with a familiar series: Devil May Cry is back!

91 Days: Blu-Ray Set & Series Review

Rae gives a final series wrap-up review for summer’s mob-drama, 91 Days. How far will a man go for revenge, and what waits for him at the end of it all?

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (Review)

Fate/Extella is a Dynasty Warriors style action game which borrows characters and concepts from the Fate series but is unable to capture its character.

91 Days – Episode 12 (Review)

The Vannetti family is crumbling and Avilio’s cover is blown. Will Nero and Avilio survive the massacre? Rae reviews the series finale of 91 Days.

91 Days – Episode 9 (Review)

Corteo’s cover is blown, the family is facing huge changes, and Avilio finally finds some answers. Rae’s review of this week’s episode of 91 Days.

91 Days – Episode 7.5 (Review)

Need a refresher for 91 Days? Or is it too early? Rae reviews this week’s episode – a series-so-far recap that takes us from 1 through 7.

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