My Hero Academia – Volume 17 (Review)

Our heroes prepare to face off against Overhaul in this latest volume of My Hero Academia! Will they be able to save Eri before Overhaul escapes?

My Hero Academia – Volume 16 (Review)

EyeSpyeAlex recovers from the holidays just in time to review the latest volume of My Hero Academia, courtesy of our friends at Viz Media!

My Hero Academia – Volume 15 (Review)

Quirk-cancelling and enhancing drugs are on the streets in the latest volume of My Hero Academia! Can our heroes find the source before someone gets hurt?

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 2 (Manga Review)

Koichi continues his journey as a vigilante with some help from the Turbo Hero: Ingenium! RogueSymbiote reviews My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 2

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Grosses Over $4,000,000 – Gets Extended Run

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is certainly going beyond at the box office as FUNimation announces an extended run!

My Hero Academia – Volume 14 (Review)

The battle continues in My Hero Academia Volume 14! EyeSpyeAlex discusses what will become of Midoriya and All Might’s secret in her review.

My Hero Academia – Episode 63 (Review)

The Big Three are here! AlanV reviews the final episode of My Hero Academia – season 3!

My Hero Academia – Episode 62 (Review)

This week’s My Hero Academia unpacks a disturbing villain’s backstory, while also making way for U.A’s revered “Big 3”!

CRX 2018 Spotlight: Justin Briner interview

Archmage joins the roundtable interview for Justin Briner – the voice of everyone’s favorite hero in training, Deku!

My Hero Academia – Episode 61 (Review)

Deku and Bakugo exchange words (and fists) in this formative episode of My Hero Academia! Check out Mithrandiel’s review of episode 61!

My Hero Academia – Episode 60 (Review)

The provisional exam comes to an end, but not without some surprises of course! AlanV reviews episode 60 of My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia – Episode 59 (Review)

Gang Orca and his lackeys turn up the heat during the second phase of the provisional license exam. AlanV reviews My Hero Academia, episode 59!

My Hero Academia – Episode 58 (Review)

Episode 58 of My Hero Academia provides some unexpected filler that ties into the recent movie – AlanV shares his thoughts!

My Hero Academia – Episode 57 (Review)

The provisional exam continues as AlanV provides his take on the latest episode of My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia – Episode 56 (Review)

We explore Episode 56 of MHA. Kaminari takes the center stage this time as the plan to take out UA continues. Can they prevail?

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