Phogs and Cake Bash Announcement

Grab your friends and get ready to glaze and beat up pastries along with the catdog game we have always wanted.

20XX (Review)

New contributor Peeziest shares his thoughts on the console release of 20XX – a game that pulls more than a few pages from the Mega Man playbook!

GAMEVIL’s Giants War Begins Pre-Registration For Android

Gamevil’s latest title, Giants War, begins pre-registration today! Read on for more info!

Crazy Justice – Cross-Play shot, 4K and HDR support

Crazy Justice, the battle royale shooter making its way to the Nintendo Switch, has some exciting new features to announce! Check it out!

Ultimate Chicken Horse (Review)

Thanks to our friends at Clever Endeavour Games, we were able to check out the console release of Ultimate Chicken Horse. EyeSpyeAlex shares her thoughts.

Opinion – No Man’s Sky Doesn’t Have A Multiplayer Problem, Gamers Have A Solitude Problem

Mithrandiel has had enough of all the No Man’s Sky hate floating around – and tries to get to the heart of the issue.

No Man’s Sky (Review)

No Man’s Sky, the open-universe game that Mithrandiel has been anxiously waiting on for nearly 3 years, is finally here. How does it stack up to the hype?

Indie Game Spotlight: Antraxx

Mithrandiel connects with co-founder and lead artist of indie game project Antraxx – an isometric mech shooter that harkens back to the days of Front Mission. Check it out!

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