Endwalker: A spoiler-free review

Rae talks about Endwalker – a sweeping conclusion to Final Fantasy XIV’s first story that takes us across time, space, and memory.

Astellia’s Adds a New Way to Play the Upcoming Classical MMORPG

Barunson E&A announces some exciting news about how new or on-the-fence players can enjoy and jump into their hit MMORPG, Astellia!

Sylvanas Cinematic Sparks Controversy Over Morals in Warcraft

The newest World of Warcraft animation in anticipation of the new Battle for Azeroth expansion depicts the Banshee Queen’s origin and a steep fall to darkness. Blizzard has traditionally pushed back against black-and-white morality when writing both the Horde and the Alliance, but the new short has ignited a dramatic reaction from fans.

Star Trek Online Enters Age of Discovery!

Star Trek Online will soon have an all-new adventure saga based on the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery, along with new gameplay features. Read on for more!

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