SSSS.Gridman – Episodes 6 & 7 (Review)

The latest episodes of SSSS.Gridman have Yuta’s world being come undone! In a battle of gods and monsters vs robots, who will emerge victorious?

SSSS.Gridman – Episode 5 (Review)

It’s class trip time in SSSS.Gridman! Will Yuta and the others be able to enjoy a day without a kaiju attack? Or does Akane have something up her sleeve?

Scythe Board Game Review

Come join Illusion and fight for control of post-war Europa in the amazing world of Scythe!

Indie Game Spotlight: Antraxx

Mithrandiel connects with co-founder and lead artist of indie game project Antraxx – an isometric mech shooter that harkens back to the days of Front Mission. Check it out!

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