Charismagic Vol. 3 Issue 4 (Comic Book Review)

The Magic Harvester divulges his origin and mission. Hank and Sudana are going to need a lot more help if they’re going to this ancient being down. RogueSymbiote reviews Charismagic Vol 3 Issue 4

Charismagic Vol. 3 Issues 1-3 (Comic Book Review)

Magic, monsters, ancient evils and a talking cat. You get all of that and a lot more with Charismagic by Aspen Comics. RogueSymbiote reviews Vol 3 issues 1-3.

Anime Boston Spotlight: Mary and the Witch’s Flower

While at Anime Boston, EyeSpyeAlex was able to sit down and enjoy Mary and the Witch’s Flower, the first feature length film to be released by Studio Pontoc!

Black Clover – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the debut episode of Black Clover! How does this shonen series stack up?

Knights & Magic – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel needs someone to cast a spell on him after watching the first episode of Knights & Magic…

Selector: Spread WIXOSS Box Set Review

KaylaTheRivera reviews Selector: Spread WIXOSS, and its latest blue-ray box set. Has FUNimation put their money where their mouth is in this latest installment?

Fun & Games: Oath of the Gatewatch Review

Today ALuckyBum takes a look at the latest set in Magic, and the impact the new colorless mechanic will have on future deck-builds.

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