eSports Chat: MSI Roundup

Scarlette and Solequincy discuss the recent Mid Season Invitational (MSI) games, as well as their implications.

Narrating eSports action: An Interview with Captain Flowers, League of Legends shoutcaster

Mithrandiel chats with Clayton, AKA Captain Flowers, about his experience shoutcasting for League of Legends. Take a listen for some great insight!

Mithical Entertainment Tours Riot Games (Part 2)

In part 2 of our tour at Riot Games, we check out the eSports arena and chat with Nick Troop (Live Producer) and Raven Keene (Head Ref/eSports Coordinator)

Mithical Entertainment visits Riot Games HQ (Part 1)

The Mithical Entertainment team recaps their tour of Riot Games HQ in Los Angeles.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews – Weldon Green, eSports Psychology Trainer

Mithrandiel chats with Weldon Green, esports psyhcology trainer and head of MindGames. They discuss the psychological and mental impact of pro gaming.

Hit or Mith (3/17/16) – Sony makes a splash with VR, People look forward to Tyranny, and more!

Hit or Mith: ROUND ONE! Check out our weekly “need to know!” news round up! This week: Playstation VR, Tyranny announcement, remembering Akira Tago, and more.

eSports – Your dream is no game

In our debut of eSports coverage, new contributor Trees gives a breakdown of the medium, and how he got started.

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