Clockwork Planet Volumes 7 and 8 (Manga Review)

Clockwork Planet returns! Naoto and his cyborg friends must find a way to save Tokyo. They must face a doomsday machine and a military coup in these two action packed volumes.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 6 (Manga Review)

I.Am.No.Man reviews the newest volume of Clockwork Planet. Naoto and Marie pick up the pieces after a massive attack on Tokyo from the gigantic superweapon threatening all of Japan.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 4 (Manga Review)

Catch up on the next exciting installment of Clockwork Planet, reviewed by I.Am.No.Man. RyuZU, Naoto, and Marie continue their mission to rescue RyuZU’s sister and save Tokyo. Will they be any match against the military’s greatest weapon??

Clockwork Planet Vol. 3 (Manga Review)

I.Am.No.Man reviews volume 3 of the thrilling Clockwork Planet series. How will Naoto, Marie, and RyuZU foil the corrupt government’s plans and save the city?

Clockwork Planet Volume 2 (Manga Review)

Marie, Naoto, and RyuZU are on a mission to save Kyoto from destruction. What they discover on their journey will change their plan. I.Am.No.Man. reviews this exciting volume in the Clockwork Planet series.

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