Golden Kamuy – Episodes 4-7 (Review)

Golden Kamuy continues to thrill and entertain as Mithrandiel plays catch-up on the last month’s worth of episodes!

Golden Kamuy – Episode 3 (Review)

The treasure hunt continues as Sugimoto attempts to adopt a baby bear, and Asirpa questions his food choices.

Golden Kamuy – Episode 1 (Review)

The spring season continues to bring the hype as one of Mithrandiel’s favorite new manga is brought to life: Golden Kamuy is here!

Golden Kamuy – Volume 4 (Review)

A fearsome hunter squares off against Sugimoto and his allies as the stakes of the treasure hunt escalate even further! Mithrandiel reviews volume 4 of Golden Kamuy!

Golden Kamuy – Volume 3 (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the latest volume of the thrilling treasure hunt manga – Golden Kamuy!

Golden Kamuy (Volume 2)

Satoru Noda’s beautifully illustrated and action-packed treasure hunt continues in Golden Kamuy volume 2!

Manga Review: Golden Kamuy Vol. 1

Mithrandiel reviews a new manga series from VIZ Media: Golden Kamuy! Follow the adventure of a former soldier seeking a lost treasure trove of gold!

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