First Look – Funko Games presents “Funkoverse”!

Ever wanted to play with your Funko Pops in a board game setting? With Funko Games new Funkoverse…now you can! Check out the sneak peek here!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launches Story Trailer

It’s almost here boys (and girls)! Red Dead Redemption 2 got its final trailer today…check it out!

Crunchyroll Expo: Crunchyroll Games Panel

ZeroOmega is ready to get his game on as he recaps the Crunchyroll Games panel from Crunchyroll Expo this past weekend.


The PAX West 2018 Indie Megabooth lineup is here! Check it out!

Preview of the Kennerspiel des Jahres winner “The Quack of Quedlinburg” at Gen Con 2018

Illusion shares his thoughts after a playthrough of the highly acclaimed “Die Quacksalber Von Quedlinburg” by North Star Games.

Starship Samurai (Video Review)

Mithrandiel, Illusion, and some guy named Preston all share their thoughts on Plaid Hat Games latest title: Starship Samurai!

Dragon’s Crown Pro (Review)

Dragon’s Crown has been updated and released on PS4 with better graphics and an orchestral version of the original soundtrack, now aptly titled “Dragon’s Crown Pro”. If you like some absurdity with your beat-em-ups, check it out!

Emily Wants to Play Provides Endless Jump Scares

Goose reviews the thoroughly creepy “Emily Wants to Play”. Ready for some scares? We hope so…


Atari’s retro-console is coming up for pre-sale starting May 30th. Read on for more info!

Crystal Clans Board Game Review

Join Illusion and lead your clan to immense power in the new 2-player card battling game “Crystal Clans”!

Stuffed Fables Board Game Review

Join Illusion and choose your own stuffed adventure in Stuffed Fables!

PAX South Spotlight: Chrono Blade

TheJewphin kicks off his PAX South coverage recap with an interview alongside nWay games and their mobile title Chrono Blade!

Upcoming Otome Games in 2018

Arli feeds her Otome addiction by laying out the numerous titles coming out next year! What sorts of romance and drama await her in 2018?

Raxxon Board Game Review

Illusion fights back the un-dead in the “Dead of Winter” prequel, Raxxon!

Kickstarter Spotlight/Interview No Mercy: For Lorne Hope

Mithrandiel chats with producer Cody Starcher and artist Katie from Multivarious games about their kickstarter project: No Mercy: For Lorne Hope!

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