Shadowbringers (A spoiler-free review)

Interested in Final Fantasy XIV?


The one winged angel makes his appearance in…a slightly less fearsome form. Sephiroth is coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia!

New Games in the Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion Series Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo brought a wave of exciting new announcements with their latest nintendo direct – including Animal Crossing on the switch! Read on for more info!

The Jewphin Rants About… Progression

TheJewphin discusses what it means for a protagonist to truly progress in a video game and how changes in gameplay affect our view of the protagonist.

Mithical Entertainment’s Game of the Year 2016

Mithical Entertainment staff highlights their game of the year for 2016!

Twitch Spotlight: Joe Never Fails

Mithrandiel chats with Joe from the hit Twitch channel “Joe Never Fails”. Take a listen to how he got started with Twitch, and what’s next for him!

Mithical Entertainment + JoeNeverFails = Amazing Weekly Giveaways!

Mithrandiel announces a new weekly giveaway in partnership with Twitch channel JoeNeverFails!

Video Game Review- Final Fantasy Explorers

VeteranCroagunk finds a new job in Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS!

Final Fantasy XV’s City of Lestallum Discovered in Episode Duscae Demo by Exploring Fan

When they released the 2.0 version of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, the good folks at Square Enix tried their very best to prevent players. Users used various methods in 1.0 to explore the demo and discover all sorts…

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