Gaia Online Preparing For Additional Layoffs As The Former Internet Darling Sings Its Swan Song

Gaia Online is reported to be conducting another round of layoffs – Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the site’s slow downfall.

Perfecting The Ninja Way: A Conversation With The Messenger Development Team

Mithrandiel interviews members of the development team for the retro-styled, Ninja Gaiden-inspired title The Messenger. Check it out!

Anime Expo 2018 Exclusive: Flavors of Youth (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the upcoming Netflix original from the same studio that brought us Your Name: Flavors of Youth!

WonderCon 2018 Spotlight/Exclusive: An Interview With Batman Ninja Talent

Mithrandiel interviews the leading talent behind the recent Batman Ninja film at WonderCon 2018!

ECCC 2018 Exclusive – Interview: Pornsak Pichetshote on “Infidel”, Haunting Comic Book Shelves on March 14th

V.O.Lynn chats with Pornsak Pichetshote about his upcoming Image Press release “Infidel”, Two Sentence Horror Stories, and his career with DC’s TV series’ in this ECCC exclusive! Also, check out Infidel, on stands March 14th!

PAX West Spotlight: The Behemoth + Pit People

Mithrandiel interviews Ian Moreno from The Behemoth regarding their latest title: Pit People!

The Power of Text: Discussing Supergiant Games “Pyre” with Greg Kasavin

Mithrandiel interviews Greg Kasavin, creative director at Supergiant Games, regarding their upcoming title: Pyre.

Until Dawn – How Does this PS4 Exclusive Play?

Supermassive Games, the developer of Until Dawn, doesn’t have any downloadable content in the works for the PS4-exclusive horror game, but is working on its next game. The subject was brought up in a Reddit AMA with Supermassive executive creative director Will…

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