Is Riku the Key? Yashahime Episode 15 Review

This week Yashahime Episode 15, we FINALLY learn how and sort of why it all happened. Squarebear squees over the new information we’ve learned as one of her theories is confirmed. She’s also working on more of her button series!…

Critical Role Review: Campaign 2 Episodes 15 & 16

Catch up on the adventures of the Mighty Nein in this week’s Critical Role Review! There will be tricky puzzles, dangerous traps, and a gelatinous cube. What will the Nein discover in the abandoned Laboratory?

Darling in the FRANXX – Episode 15 (Review)

Following last week’s emotional episode, with our ill-fated pair separated on the eve of a major battle, how will Squad 13 fare in their biggest battle yet? And will Hiro and Zero Two finally get the reunion they’ve been yearning for? Mithrandiel reviews episode 15 of Darling in the FRANXX!

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 15 (Review)

The newest arc of My Hero Academia continues, and AlanV shares his thoughts on episode 15!

Berserk – Episodes 13-16 (Review)

The Black Swordsman has returned in season 2 of Berserk! Mithrandiel reviews the opening episodes as Guts fights to keep Casca safe.

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