The Ink ‘N Paint Club Podcast Episode Round-Up 05/25/2022 – 06/01/2022

Time for another round of The Ink and Paint Podcast Episodes. This crop covers the newest animation offerings! First off is last week’s episode where JD, Gary and I talk about the new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie! If…

Talking Mons! Episode 23 +24

Time to announce a new episode of Talking Mons! Now I’m eight days late but I promise with good reason — I’m working on a project for the site in my spare time plus transitioning to a new position at work. It kinda…slipped my mind to be honest.

New “The Ink and Paint Club” and “Talking Mons” Episodes

Time for our…semi-regular…post about the newest “The Ink N’ Paint” podcast episodes. It’s Geekly Grind writer and podcast host, Janette, here with the most up-to-date releases.

Talking ‘Mons Episode 19-20 AND The Ink N’ Paint Club 281

he mic issues never quit, but then again, neither do we. This week my mic’s sensitivity is too high. The episodes are good enough to make up for it though. A human being finally died this week! For real!

Talking ‘Mons Podcast Episode 17-18

Come join us for Talking ‘Mons every two weeks! Myself, JD, and Gary shoot the shit about the strange wonderfulness that is Ghost Game. This week come join us for a discussion about episodes featuring a killer snow plow and a yandere Peter Pan. Then stay to hear me squee over a Digimon on a Roomba!

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