Spider-Man (Review)

Gentleman Jeb shares his thoughts on one of the biggest PS4 hits of the year: Marvel’s Spider Man!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Review)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 breathes new life into the franchise by returning to its roots. Mithrandiel reviews the latest entry in the strategy/RPG series!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Digital Pre-Order Now Available on All Platforms and Free Demo on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™

Valkyria Chronicles fans, rejoice! The demo for Valkyria Chronicles 4 has arrived, and pre-orders are live! Read on for more info!

Shining Resonance Refrain – REVIEW

Zelyhon reviews Shining Resonance Refrain, an updated rerelease of 2014’s Shining Resonance, released stateside for the first time.

A New Challenger Approaches! Diving into Jasco Games’ Universal Fighting System

Mithrandiel talks about his first experience with Jasco Games Universal Fighting System. Battling with your favorite anime or video game hero at your side? Sign me up!

PRESS RELEASE – Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Slays Nintendo Switch in Q3 2018

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Check out the announcement from Another Indie about this exciting boss-battler!

First Impression: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Thunderheavyarm spends quite a bit of time with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and shares his thoughts on this extensive medieval title.

It’s a Great Big (Monster Hunter) World Out There! [Review]

Mithrandiel steps away from his latest hunt to share his thoughts on Monster Hunter World!

Not Every Game is Like Dark Souls – Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Monster Hunter World

Guest contributor Daikaiser shares why the constant comparisons of Monster Hunter World and Dark Souls need to stop.

Tiny Metal (Review)

ThunderHeavyArm reviews Tiny Metal – a strategy title that takes a few pages out of the Advanced Wars playbook, but maintains its unique identity.

First Impressions: Lost Sphear

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the latest title from Tokyo RPG Factory: Lost Sphear. Will this be the RPG love-letter that “I Am Setsuna” failed to be?

Persona 5 Review (In-Progress)

Zelyhon shares his thoughts on his first 15 hours of playtime in Persona 5!

I Am Setsuna (Review)

I Am Setsuna sets out to revive the JRPG of old – how does it fare? Mithrandiel takes a look at the throwback title from Tokyo RPG Factory.

Video Game Review: Dark Souls 3

Mithrandiel traverses the fog to review Dark Souls 3 – with faster combat, is it the shift towards Bloodborne that he hopes it will be? Find out!

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