Berserk (Blu-Ray Set/Anime Review)

Guts is back and… looks a little different. RogueSymbiote reviews the latest installment of the Berserk franchise. Get ready for some serious action.

Berserk – Episodes 19-20 (Review)

Holy crap -Berserk is amazing! Mithrandiel reviews episodes 19 & 20 of Berserk!

Berserk: Episode 18 (Review)

Guts, Schierke and the rest of the group battle a ruthless band of trolls in this week’s episode of Berserk!

Berserk – Episodes 13-16 (Review)

The Black Swordsman has returned in season 2 of Berserk! Mithrandiel reviews the opening episodes as Guts fights to keep Casca safe.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (Review)

New contributor EyeSpyeAlex shares her thoughts on Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty-Warrior style rendition of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Berserk – Episode 12 (Review)

After a tumultuous start, Berserk successfully closes out its first season with the dramatic return of Guts’ arch-enemy: Griffith!

Berserk – Episode 11 (Review)

Guts and Mozgus duke it out in this week’s episode of Berserk!

Berserk – Episode 10 (Review)

Guts engages in a fierce battle with a troop of hellish angels within the Tower of Conviction this week on Berserk!

Berserk – Episode 8 (Review)

After a rough start, Berserk continues to pick up steam with another impressive episode.

Berserk – Episode 7 (Review)

After talking a lot of crap in the most recent podcast, Mithrandiel eats some of his words regarding Berserk as he review episode 7!

Berserk – Episode 6 (Review)

The skull knight returns as whispers of Griffith’s name come back to haunt Guts. Check out Mith’s review of this week’s episode of Berserk!

Berserk – Episode 4 (Review)

Mithrandiel battles through episode 4 of Berserk – how does one of the more hyped shows of the summer season stand up after a month?

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