Cultist Simulator’s Exile DLC is now live on iOS and Android!

Cultist Simulator’s last and largest story add-on, the EXILE DLC, is now available on iOS and Android! Click here to learn more.

PAX South Spotlight – Eschaton

TheJewphin spotlights the solidly entertaining and delightfully dreary deck-builder: Eschaton! Our first of many PAX South spotlights!

Beasts Edge of Extinction Kickstarter Preview and Review

Join Weston and Johnny as the preview Beasts Edge of Extinction coming to Kickstarter November 14 2018

Kickstarter Spotlight: Call To Adventure by Brotherwise Games (Interview)

Mithrandiel interviews the O’Neal brothers from Brotherwise Games about their latest endeavor: Call to Adventure!

Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe Card Game (Review)

Ninjak is off the rails and the other heroes from the Valiant Universe must come together to defeat him! RogueSymbiote reviews Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe Card Game

Mega Man Pixel Tactics (Review)

What do you get when you combine an entertaining strategy card game with one of Mithrandiel’s favorite things? Find out as he reviews Mega Man Pixel Tactics!

Sparking the fire of Creativity with Glenn Given – project lead for Kickstarter project Hearts Blazing

Mithrandiel chats with Games by Playdate co-founder Glenn Given about their most recent project: Hearts Blazing.

Kickstart Your Weekend – Hearts Blazing

This week Archmage writes a SciFi Serial with Hearts Blazing. Will he get Cancelled too soon? Will he create a cult classic?

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Christopher Badell

Today Mithrandiel sits down with Christopher Badell, chief game designer from Greater than Games, about their immensely successful kickstarter project: Sentinels of the Multiverse – OblivAeon.

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