Xbox Acquires Zenimax/Bethesda On Eve Of New Console Pre-Orders

Some seismic news in the gaming world this morning as Microsoft acquires Zenimax/Bethesda – complicating the console war.

Xbox, Bethesda and Philadelphia 76ers Team Up

An unlikely alliance as Xbox, Bethesda and the Philadelphia 76ers team up to celebrate the upcoming release of Fallout 76

E3 Podcast (Part 1)

Mithrandiel rounds up some of the other contributors to chat about E3’s first half.

Opinion: Starfield a Fresh Face Alongside New Take on Fallout

New contributor Lior shares her thoughts on Bethesda’s new IP: Starfield, and how it helped round out the controversial conference.

Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap

Bethesda knocked it out of the park this year with their E3 conference. Zero Omega recaps the show in all of its glory.

Bethesda Releases Teaser Trailer For Their Newest Title: Fallout 76!

Mithrandiel spotlights Bethesda’s latest game announcement as we return to a dystopian world of nuclear destruction in Fallout 76!

DOOM Soundtrack Coming Out This Summer On Vinyl/CD!

Laced Records and Bethesda announce the upcoming release of the DOOM soundtrack in Vinyl and CD formats!

Elder Scrolls Online: Journey to Summerset Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s latest adventure, Journey to Summerset, is coming soon. Check out the latest trailer!

E3 2016 Coverage

Mithical Entertainment recaps and reflects on the latest news from E3 2016!

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