Taboo Tattoo – Episode 2 Review

How does Taboo Tattoo hold up in week 2 of the summer season? Archmage takes another look at the series…

Mob Psycho 100: Episode One Review

CHOO-CHOO, here comes the HYPE TRAIN. Scarlette reviews the first episode to Mob Psycho 100.

Days – Episode 2 (Review)

AlanV returns to the soccer field with episode 2 of Days – how does the series hold up in week 2?

91 Days – Episode 1 (Review)

In a Prohibition-era, mafia-run city, a young man plans to avenge his family. Rae’s review of the first episode of the new anime, 91 Days.

Blu Ray Set Review: Seraph of the End

Scarlette sinks her teeth into the Seraph of the End blu ray box set. Enjoy!

Orange – Episode 1 (Review)

Mithrandiel gets his dose of slice-of-life anime as he reviews the debut episode of Orange – will this time-traveling coming of age series hit the mark?

Berserk – Episodes 1-2 (Review)

Mith is excited to take a Guts-level swing at the newest season of Berserk!

Days – Episode 1 (Review)

AlanV takes a look at Days – a sports anime showcased this summer season. Check it out!

D.Gray-Man Hallow – Episode 1 (Review)

TheJewphin reviews the return of D.Gray-Man after nearly a decade off the air. Does it revive well? Or will TheJewphin double-tap the shambling series?

Re:Zero – Episodes 13/14 (Review)

TheJewphin returns properly with a rant/review of the latest episodes of Re:Zero – what does he think of Subaru’s recent behavior?

Fairy Tail Box Set [Part 20] (Review)

KaylaTheRivera checks out this new Fairytail boxset–and pulls no punches in her criticism. This may just be the most confusing box set ever.

Anime Podcast: Spring Season 2016 Wrap-Up

Archmage, Mithrandiel and Scarlette discuss the spring season 2016 anime lineup: shows they loved, hated, and everything in between.

Black Butler Book of Murder Review

This dark and stormy night, we give you our review on Black Butler Book of Murder Funimation box set. Who will be the murderer and who the victim?

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Box Set

Join us as we review FUNimation’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time blu-ray and dvd box set! Is it as good as it promises?

Blu Ray Set Review: Kamisama Kiss Season Two

Scarlette reviews Kamisama Kiss season two on Blu-Ray!

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