Comic Reviews: Week of 2/24

This week we’ve got a Disney-esque tale with a dark twist, more conspiracy theory fuel, additional chapters for the King in Black and more!

SSSS.Gridman – Episode 3 (Review)

This week’s latest episode of SSSS.Gridman has Gridman facing off against a formidable kaiju, one that may defeat Gridman once and for all!

Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle

Looking to get a Nintendo Switch with that unique, infernal flair? The Diablo III eternal collection bundle is coming November 2nd!

PAX West Spotlight – Infectinator 3

TheJewphin sets out to dominate the world with infected zombies in Armor Games Studios Infectinator 3!

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge – Episode 3

Masamune challenges Adagaki to a tutoring battle with a date on the line!

New Game! – Series Review

An anime about making video games featuring an exclusively female cast – what could go wrong? Mithrandiel reviews the summer anime series – New Game!

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