PAX West Spotlight: Ska Studios

Salt & Sanctuary is just over two years old, but there’s still more to come from Ska Studios when it comes to this game, including a physical release!

PAX West Spotlight: My Friend Pedro

TheJewphin gains a new appreciation for insane gunplay and…bananas? Check out his spotlight on Devolver Digital’s My Friend Pedro!

Pax West Spotlight: Gris

TheJewphin takes a look at Devolver Digital’s gorgeous upcoming title: Gris!

PAX West Spotlight: Soundfall

TheJewphin gets down with some destructive beats as he gives Soundfall a shot at PAX West!

PAX West Spotlight: Mirror Drop [PAX 10]

Mithrandiel checks out the trippy and unique entry to the PAX 10 – Mirror Drop!

PAX West Spotlight: Pizza Titan Ultra [PAX 10]

Do you love giant robots? How about pizza? How about delivering pizzas while piloting a giant robot? Sit down kids, Pizza Titan Ultra is here to blow your minds.

PAX West Spotlight: World of Horror

Rae takes a look at the PAX West demo for World of Horror – an upcoming Junji Ito-inspired, turn-based adventure into the dark mysteries of a Japanese town.

PAX West Compiles Mega-Mix of Indie Games

PAX West releases a 19 minute video of all the games to look for in the Indie Megabooth, and now Mithrandiel has to change his schedule entirely.

World of Warcraft® Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to Deliver PAX West 2018 Keynote

World of Warcraft’s own “Watcher”, Ion Hazzikostas, will be delivering the opening keynote at PAX West in a few weeks. Read on for more info!


The PAX West 2018 Indie Megabooth lineup is here! Check it out!

SDCC Exclusive: ThinkGeek Interview

Gentleman Jeb learns more about ThinkGeek’s mission in his latest SDCC exclusive interview!

SDCC 2018: How I Introduced My Wife To Convention Culture

Mithrandiel got the chance to bring his wife along for the ride at SDCC 2018! He shares his thoughts on how the massive convention is great for first timers!

SDCC Exclusive: Lego DC Super-Villains Interview With Matt Ellison

Gentleman Jeb chats with Matt Ellison, Senior Producer of TT Games, about the upcoming LEGO DC Super-Villains game!

SDCC Exclusive: Interview with Jill Murray & Heath Smith [Shadow of the Tomb Raider]

Gentleman Jeb had a chance to sit down with the lead writer & lead game designer Shadow of the Tomb Raider at SDCC 2018! Check out his interview here!

What the Funko? Funimation Continues To Battle Against Tremendous Demand for SDCC Exclusive

Mithrandiel recaps the tough weekend Funimation had when it came to selling a particularly popular Funko pop figure!

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