Survive! Unboxing Loot Anime’s September Surprise

By: Mithrandiel

Not too long ago, we were fortunate enough to establish a relationship with the professional swag-dealers over at Loot Crate. Interested in seeing what their Loot Anime box had to offer, we’re thrilled to showcase their September box, revolving around a theme of survival. With school back in full swing, I can see how encouraging its members to press on could be a relevant message. “Just a few more chapters to read! Survive!”

We can’t all be as cool as Sakamoto…

So, let’s get to it shall we?

The box is modestly sized – slightly bigger than a shoebox.

I know what you’re thinking: Mithrandiel, what kind of awesome goodies could they fit into a box that size? Is this really something to get excited over? Continue reading along my dear reader, and you’ll find out!

Opening it up, if you aren’t immediately distracted by the goodies inside, you’ll notice a cool background on the inside of the box – a first aid cross with the words “Survival Kit” underneath, and some promising blood splatters and an equally foreboding hand-print.

A nice touch.

The first thing that caught my eye was the shirt – I’m a sucker for t-shirts. Opening it up, it features the title image from Deadman Wonderland.

A crash course for those unfamiliar with the series: it revolves around a young man named Ganta Igarashi, who is framed for the murder of his whole class while visiting a macabre theme park called Deadman Wonderland. Thrown into one of the most violent and dangerous prisons on earth, Ganta struggles to, well, survive, while attempting to solve the mystery of who killed his class and why. A fitting entry to the box, and a good introduction to a solid series that you may have missed!

The next item is equal parts amusing and practical: a pair of Ryuk socks!

Despite the recent Netflix drama around the ill-fated movie, these cozy-looking socks will no doubt keep your feet warm, and possibly ward off other shinigami looking for trouble!

The largest item within the box is a figure of everyone’s favorite brooding ninja: Sasuke Uchiha!

Yo dawg – I heard you like unboxings! In any case, let’s take a closer look at this figure:

The one that I got seemed to be a little derpy when it came to the eye-coloring, as one pupil seems to be staring in a different direction than the other. The figure features a stand, and a simple sword that you can place in Sasuke’s hand. A mildly annoying bit: the figure has a perfectly good sheath on his back, but it doesn’t accommodate the sword. It’s just a tiny detail that would have made the figure a bit nicer. The build and feel of it is nice, but don’t expect it to stand toe-to-toe with some of your pricier figures – there are definitely some imperfections.

What’s this? Manga? Woot! Yes, the October box features volume 1 of Black Clover – the highly anticipated anime series landing very shortly on Crunchyroll. A shonen series in the vein of Naruto and One Piece, Black Clover follows the adventures of lifelong friends Asta and Yuno – each on their own path to become the Wizard King! That does sound strangely familiar… In any case, a great kicking off point to get more excitement building around the forthcoming series.

Want some trinkets? We’ve got some!

Nearing the end of our list of goodies, there are two phone charms included featuring Yume – I believe this is the Yume from Grimgar? So many Yume’s, so little time.

Finally, there’s a pretty awesome 2-sided poster to round out the box:

The front side is a striking image of a schoolgirl apparently ready to kick some tail, while the backside details the swag within.

So, to visually recap:

For $27, definitely not a bad haul at all! Interested in signing up? Follow the link here and look forward to your October box – which is set to include an awesome figure from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Interested in a chance to win this box? We’re giving it away on our Instagram account! Make sure to like the post and follow us – the winner will be announced on Friday!

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