Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Thousand Skies

By: ZeloOmega

Corgis… Is there any other breed of dog that is cuter? The cute, unassuming look. The short, stubby legs. The small, chubby body. The Cowboy Bebop icon. The… Loaf of bread butt. Unfortunately some people can’t have corgis, whether it’s because they’re allergic, can’t afford a pet, or have a significant other that hates dogs (dump them, come on, what’s wrong with you?). Well luckily Thousand Skies has you covered! We caught up with Elda The, the artist in charge of Thousand Skies at Silicon Valley Comic Con and boy did she have some great things to pick out from the con. Let’s start with her art.

From the very beginning one word resonates with the art you see from Elda, “AWWWWAAAHHHSOCUTEADORABLEAAAAHHHHSHFKGJSHDFKGJHFG.” Which is understandable as she creates some incredibly adorable art. She can make anything look so cute that your heart might literally explode from being overwhelmed by it. It’s not just the aforementioned corgis either, whether it is a cat, pig, chicken, duck, kappa, owl, bunny, or even just a person she has shown an amazing talent to take anything under the sun and turn it into a colorful, charming masterpiece. I’m fairly certain that she is able to take the ugliest dog in the world and transform it into something that would make you gasp and then immediately want to make it your own.

It’s not just the art though that makes Elda such a creative genius, it’s what she then transforms the art into. When you visit Thousand Skies, whether it be online or at a convention, you’re greeted with a plethora of products that you can get to fit your needs. From art prints, to lapel pins, art books, and key chains and stationery. She is able to take all of her art work and morph it into different physical pieces that are great for decorating, general use, or just a simple talking piece. With such amazing quality and local products, what is not to love about what you can find at Thousand Skies? Above all else though the thing that stood out the most to me is the pillows that Elda has decided to adventure into.

Big or small, the pillows that she has for you are definitely something that need to be checked out and shouldn’t be missed. When she first started to flesh out the idea, it would take an hour to create just one. Now, after getting some more experience under her belt, it takes only 15 minutes. All created by hand, it’s like living in a fluffy, comfortable pillow dream land. We’re not talking about simple lap pillows either, some of these could very easily make a great resting spot for your head while you’re in bed. Otherwise, use it to add some flair to your place, or make it an amazing gift for a loved one, they’ll be sure to thank you when they hug it and realize just how special and unique it is.

We got a chance to chat with Elda a little bit about what she does. Take a listen:

Elda has provided an amazing place for art aficionados and those who love adorable animals to get their fix, you don’t want to miss catching Thousand Skies at your next local con, and even if you do you can still order online. Speaking of, if you’re heading to Sakura-Con this weekend (March 25 – 27, 2016) you can find her table at small press 16 (SP16) under the name “Milky Skies.” Find out where she’ll be next on Facebook and Twitter, see her art on Tumblr and Instagram, purchase her works from her Etsy store (reopens in April!), or simply check out her website, Thousand Skies, for anything else!

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